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At Oakwood Cemetery, we want to create a unique and collective exhibition inspired by the changes that have occurred over the past year, affecting how we mourn our loved ones and experience loss. To achieve this, we have created The Grove of Remembrance starting July 12, a place where you can write down your fondest memories, or perhaps just the name, of your departed loved ones on a biodegradable ribbon and fasten it to the limbs on any of the trees in our crepe myrtle grove located in the front lawn of the cemetery. Our hope is that we can provide an organic opportunity for people who deserve the opportunity to grieve their losses, and to foster fellowship and togetherness within our community after an extended period of isolation.
We will be hosting an event to encourage support and participation in The Grove of Remembrance for anyone who is interested. In the meantime, please feel free to inquire at the office on how to begin adorning our landscape with your cherished memories of your nearest and dearest.
Both the ribbon and participation are offered by Oakwood Cemetery free of charge.
If you are not local, but would like us to honor your loved ones, please let us know and we will assist you.

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