“We must never forget the gratitude we owe to those who served our Nation.”
—General George Washington

Historic Oakwood Cemetery remembers these brave men and women who protected the ideals of liberty and freedom. They have earned the appreciation and respect, not only of their friends and family, but also of Americans everywhere. Accordingly, the Board of Directors, Raleigh Cemetery Association, Inc. has approved the establishment of an interment section within Historic Oakwood Cemetery dedicated exclusively to the growing needs of today’s veterans, their spouses and qualified dependents. Historic Oakwood Cemetery is committed to meeting the interment needs of an aging veteran population while providing perpetual care to the highest of standards– service marked by dignity as well as compassion for the veteran and the veteran’s family. Additionally, the cemetery staff looks forward to teaching future generations about our American heritage and patriotism, using Historic Oakwood Cemetery as a time-honored historical base.

Eligibility for burial in the Field of Honor of Historic Oakwood Cemetery includes:

  • Members of the uniformed armed services honorably serving.

  • Honorably discharged veterans.

  • Spouses, un-remarried widow or widower, and minor children and dependent of service members and veterans. The first decedent need not be the veteran.

  • Uniformed reservists who die while serving on active duty and those with at least 20 years of service.

The approved headstone to be erected in the Field of Honor is the government (VA) provided upright white marble marker measuring 42 inches high, 13 inches wide, 4 inches thick and weighing approximately 230 pounds. The approved marker is identical to those used throughout the National Cemetery System. Slight variations may occur in stone color and the marble may contain light to moderate veining. The staff at Historic Oakwood Cemetery will assist in ordering the marble marker from the Veteran’s Administration. Individual markers will be precisely aligned in tribute to the exactness of the individual’s military service, thus providing the ultimate visual impact associated with other National Cemeteries, such as Arlington.

Approved headstone markers furnished and paid for by the United States government are installed at the veteran’s gravesite only. Matching headstones must be purchased by the family and the staff at Historic Oakwood Cemetery will install such markers without charge.

Our purpose:

– To provide lower-cost burial space for veterans and their eligible family members.
– To maintain a veterans section sacred to the honor and memory of those interred or memorialized in perpetuity.
– To appropriately mark veterans’ graves.

Please ask about Historic Oakwood’s extended military commemoration service wherein a horse-drawn caisson transports the casket from the cemetery’s main gate or the mausoleum chapel to the graveside for services as well as a bugler to sound taps. Availability is limited and may not be available at the time requested.

Additionally, family members may purchase commemorative “Battle Blocks” in memory of deceased veterans. These flat markers may include; name and dates of service member, the name of famous American battles, etc., line the walkway to our national flag.

Oakwood Cemetery does not arrange funerals for veterans or their dependents nor do they provide military honors. However, the attending Funeral Director or the cemetery staff will assist family members in contacting the appropriate military establishment who provide these services as their schedules permit.