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On behalf of the Raleigh Moravian God’s Acre Trustees and Oakwood Cemetery, we extend an invitation to our community to attend the Easter Dawn Service in Oakwood.
It begins this Easter Morning, 31 March,  at 6:50 AM on the Chapel Circle Section as the sun rises and will conclude in the Moravian God’s Acre.
There will be a prelude by our band of Easter chorales and hymns, including Beethoven’s Creation Hymn, for at least twenty minutes before the service begins with the affirmation by our Pastor that  “The Lord is Risen!” followed by the response of the worshippers that “The Lord is Risen Indeed!”  During the walk from Chapel Circle to our God’s Acre, the band plays chorales antiphonally.  The liturgies at the Chapel Circle and in the God’s Acre are ecumenical statements of Christian faith and belief in the Resurrection.
All are welcome.  If attending, please pull in the front gates and follow the Event directional signs.

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